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Yeah – it’s a pretty archaic sentiment… how dare I write about a specific gender when it comes to dating online! It’s so sexist!

Bear with me for a moment though – is it possible that women online are treated differently than their counterparts (men) when it comes to finding a partner?

What does “partner” even mean to you? Is it a sex partner? A life partner? A partner in “crime”? or just someone to sit with you and enjoy a sunrise? Perhaps you are simply look for a new travel/adventure partner?

What are any of us looking for when joining the myriad of dating sites… Match, OKcupid, tinder, grinder, plenty of fish, Bumble, etc.?

Many of us say we are looking for “love” – that elusive emotion or feeling… where a personal connection with another human being gives us the notion of absolute freedom – to be who we feel is our best self! Certainly, there is the feeling of adventure, control, and perhaps that manner of dominance that is the only thing that seems to excite us as human beings… who doesn’t like to “win” a fight or argument?

Maybe it’s simply being “allowed” to be ourselves without judgment from those closest to us. Our immediate family generally gives us that freedom – but… how about allowing someone outside that circle in? Someone new… someone… unknown.

It’s ok! Most of us feel that need.

But how can we control our desires? How can we become the person that we believe we are meant to be? With all of the options laid before us in a never-ending stream of “filtered” images, how is it possible to “settle” on the one that may be our soul mate? With so many options on the table constantly being updated and pushed to us via “alerts” and snippets of made-up-text, how can we not be paralyzed by the choices we are being bombarded by hourly?

This site is meant as a “conscience” to help us filter through the myriad of options and choose a partner worthy of what we are looking for in life… Perhaps it is a quick fix to a bad situation (a one-night stand) and then again it may be a long-term need that needs to be met.

I don’t pretend to know the answers to everything – but my experience over the past 11 years with online dating has given me pause enough to offer some advice.

Take it or leave it.

Throughout this blog, I promise to be open and honest and accept feedback that will hopefully help those in search of an answer to this simple question:

How does one date online in the hopes of finding a life partner?

If not life, then at least for the next “phase” of their life. (more on that later)

I expect much discourse on the subject – my views are from my experiences and are not inclusive of yours!

However, some insights may be of benefit… and most certainly (as I feel many parents must also agree) – if you wish to date one of my incredible children, with the expectation of ever meeting me, then I expect that you have thought through some of these beliefs…

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